Garage Conversions are a great way of creating that additional space you need. With the costs and upheaval involved in moving, many people are converting their home far easier and affordable whilst adding value to their property. The garage is often overlooked but can be easily be converted into a playroom, office or a bedroom with en-suite – at an affordable price. Whatever your needs, Bigger Homes can help you create that space – after all, do you keep your car in there?

Undertaking a garage conversion to provide additional living space can add as much as 10 per cent to the value of your home according to property experts.

Garage conversions are also the perfect way to make use of a space, which tends to be rarely used for cars — instead becomes that perfect place we put all the items in our homes that we don’t know what to do with – It’s turns into a problematic dumping ground.

Using a garage to create that extra room avoids using up garden space for an extension. It allows you to keep building work relatively separate avoiding any disruption in you home.

Disruption is kept to a minimum as around 90-95% of the work in done within the existing garage space. The opening of the space into the main house is often the last thing done. This helps ensure noise, dust and general inconvenience is something you don’t have to experience.

We work all over Essex and in some areas of London and Kent. We complete many garage conversions each and every year with the majority of our work coming from recommendation. When it comes to conversions, we are the leading company by far in the area. We have show homes available for you to visit and explore the potential of what can be achieved, in the meantime please see our testimonial and gallery areas. To get your project started why now get a free quote in under 2 minutes by using our Garage Conversion Cost Calculator?


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Most Garages fall into three categories — attached, integral and detached. All come with their own issues when converting:

Attached or Integrated Garage

Both of these are connected to the main structure of your house, sometimes only on one side, but also often projecting out from the front of the house with a room above, most commonly these are bedrooms. Attached garages can usually be accessed from inside the house via a door which makes the conversion so much easier.

Detached Garage

Detached garages are more likely to have to apply for planning permission to change its intended use if it is a separate building. This does not stop some amazing options for conversions.

How much space will you get?

Standard Single Garage

A standard-sized single garage is ideal if you are looking to create a home office, playroom or guest bedroom with your garage conversion — or even a downstairs shower room and utility. It would give you around 14m² of extra space, so you my also be able to extend into an existing kitchen for instance.

Standard Double Garage

A double garage offers many options for conversions due to the 28m² of space it creates. It even allows to keep part storage and part living space.


It will generally be possible to convert a garage into habitable space, without requiring planning consent. The instances in which planning consent would be required are if a specific covenant relating to the property advises that it should be retained as a garage (often the case with newer dwellings or where off-street parking is limited), or if the garage in question forms part of a previous extension to the property. If planning consent is required, then, subject to the number of bedrooms in the property and the existing parking arrangements, it may often be necessary to provide additional off-road hard standing to replace the garage.

Garage conversions require building control approval as per standard house extensions, although it is generally a straightforward process of installing additional insulation to existing floors, walls and ceilings. To get your project started why now get a free quote in under 2 minutes by using our Garage Conversion Cost Calculator?