Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any further hidden costs to complete my conversion/extension?
No! Bigger Homes offer comprehensive No charge, No Obligation fixed price (Full Specification) quotations.

Have Bigger Homes insurance to carry out the work on my property?
Yes! We are comprehensively insured.

Does my conversion/extension come with any guarantee?
Yes! All Bigger Homes projects come with a 5 year structural guarantee.

Could I see a completed conversion or extension?
Yes, Bigger Homes are delighted that so many satisfied clients wish to show others the result of our work.

Does anyone supervise the work?
Yes! Each & every Bigger Homes job is monitored, supervised and regularly attended by Head Office.

What areas do you cover?
Essex plus areas of Kent & London.

Does Bigger Homes cover everything that I need for my loft conversion or extension?
Yes! Bigger Homes will provide it all! from planning to painting.
Where, Local planning and Building Control are concerned – we work exclusively, with independent experts.

What happens with the rubbish and waste created?
Your quotation will include, eco friendly, removal of all waste and debris

How do we pay Bigger Homes?
A detailed payment schedule reflecting each stage of the project will be produced – rest assured that the final balance will not be expected until satisfactory completion. Bigger Homes accept all forms of payment – we find Bank transfer to be the simplest.

Who will liaise with the necessary government bodies?
Bigger Homes will handle everything for you – navigating the complexities associated with Local Planning law and building control regulations, in order to obtain the all important Completion Certificate.

What happens next?
Firstly, (the idea) we listen carefully to what you tell us about the project that you have in mind. Next, (the plan) we send one of our experts to survey and assess the best approach to achieve a result that matches your requirement – and budget. We will then provide a full detailed quotation. Once we have finalised the specification and price we then book in the job and provide all necessary architectural drawings and calculations. Click here to see how it works.

Do you provide free quotations and a free survey?
Yes ! Not only does Bigger Homes offer a free detailed survey – we also provide comprehensive No charge, No Obligation detailed quotations. Please contact us now

Do I Need to move out during the work?
Most projects take place without the need of clients having to move out.

How long does it take to draw up the plans for my conversion/extension?
often only 2 weeks – the average is 3 weeks – from Survey to Local Authority Registration. The process includes design and all necessary drawings, charts and calculations – so sometimes may take a few days longer. The sooner you contact us the earlier your dream becomes reality

How quickly can work commence?
After planning consent has been obtained we aim to start work 2 – 4 weeks thereafter.

Loft Conversion FAQ’s

Can all lofts be converted?
Most loft types can be converted although the process may very. Don’t be put off just because your loft appears to be full of Truss’s of lacks headroom. As specialists, Bigger Homes have numerous proven solutions.

Can you convert a truss rafter loft?
Yes, the truss roof system has been favoured since the 1980’s but does, compared to older systems, complicate the process of creating extra space. Bigger Homes are able to utilise modern steel beam technology to remove many or, if necessary, all structural trusses.

Please contact us now, for a free detailed survey & quotation. Standard Bigger Homes conversions start from less than £25,000 – larger, more complex conversions may cost less than you expect.

Can I complete some of the conversion myself to reduce the cost? - DIY loft conversion?
Yes! Subject only to compliance with current Building Regulations – we are happy to tailor our services to suit your needs – please contact Bigger Homes now – it’s free!

What Loft conversion solutions do you offer?
Bigger Homes create – Bedrooms, Bathrooms, En-suites, Gyms, Studio’s, Offices, Playrooms, Music Rooms, Games Rooms, and Storage Rooms – not on the list! Please contact us now.

How long will the loft conversion take?
Depending on the type and size of the project – this will vary. Bigger Homes aim for completion of actual construction work between 6 – 8 weeks from commencement but will openly discuss all options when we survey – why not contact us now!

What sort of disruption am I to expect during my loft conversion?
Our philosophy at Bigger Homes is to treat your property as we would our own – aiming at as little disruption and mess as possible. In the case of loft conversions, initial entry and daily activity is through the roof which will be sealed and left watertight each evening. Only when close to completion, usually when all internal walls are fully finished (Plastered) will the final stage of creating the stairways be accomplished. Throughout the project, a scrupulous daily cleaning routine will be maintained.

Do all loft conversions require planning Permission?
No! most are permitted under your development rights on which we can advise. However, all conversions are subject to building regulations – the handling of which, is an important part of the Bigger Homes service.

Do I need building plans for my loft conversion?
Yes! Professional planning is an essential aspect of ensuring total compliance with building regulations. This includes design and building control drawings plus structural calculations – all of which Bigger Homes provide completely free of charge – please contact us now.

What different types of Loft Conversions are there?
Many! Some examples are: “Rooflight” (Velux) conversion which lets in daylight. “Dormer” Conversion – a simple roof extension.
More complex are “Mansard” and “Hip to Gable” conversions offering further space creation… Whatever your vision, Bigger Homes are keen to share their specialist knowledge and make it happen.

Is there a minimum height needed to convert my loft?
Lofts below 2.3m may be problematic but within reason, Bigger Homes are able to offer solutions to suit your requirement.

Will steel work be needed in my conversion?
No! Steel Work is not always required – we are often able to provide effective solutions without installing huge metal beams.

I have water tanks in the loft, what happens to them?
Your quote will include, at your choice, relocation of all existing tanks or an upgrade to a modern “Unvented” system that doesn’t require them. Work will be carried out by our own specialists

Do I need Fire doors and smoke alarms fitted throughout my house?
Your safety being the prime consideration – the majority of quality conversions require these items. Sophisticated Mains Linked Detectors and fully specified Doors plus any additional items will be detailed in your free quotation – why not contact Bigger Homes now?

Where will my new stairs go?
We aim to match any existing handrails and balustrades and will discuss any necessary location change with you. The Existing position or as close as possible is desirable in order to maintain the flow and feel of your home…

What will happen to my existing loft hatch?
Subject to your requirements – this will be permanently, invisibly sealed.

Extension FAQ’s

Do I need planning permission?
Not necessarily – all homeowners possess development rights under which certain changes may be made. Bigger Homes are able to advise but for advice and interactive help guides we recommend:

Bigger Homes will provide a free detailed survey & quotation. Small extensions may start at £10,000 – larger, more complex extensions could cost less than you expect. Please contact us now…

How long will it take for my extension to be completed
Bigger Homes aim for completion of actual construction work between 6 – 8 weeks from commencement. Projects consisting of more than one storey may take 12 – 14. We will openly discuss all options when we survey – why not contact us now!

What sort of disruption am I to expect during my extension?
Our philosophy at Bigger Homes is to treat your property as our own – aiming at as little disruption/mess as possible. New brickwork will normally be externally completed prior to entering your home. Throughout the project, a scrupulous daily cleaning routine will be maintained.

What condition will my garden be left in?
Where necessary patio, decking, and other existing areas will be neatly altered in shape. Reinstatement, subject to your requirements, is usually accomplished by leaving a neat 50mm shingle edge around the new brickwork. Wherever and whenever practical, the use of heavy plants and equipment is avoided. Bigger Homes “Work Clean” with the aim of leaving your garden as it was when we arrived.

Will the brickwork, external wall finish match my house?
Similar to structural finishes mentioned above, Bigger Homes understand the importance of matching and complementing the individual style of a building when making changes. Therefore, all work will follow an individual design based on your personal requirement.

Will my floor and ceiling levels match?
All design and construction work will aim at maintaining all levels unless you say otherwise – any anticipated problems will be highlighted following our detailed survey.

How deep will the footings need to be excavated on my extension?
Footing depth depends on numerous factors. Bigger Homes are familiar with and able to provide all traditional and innovative systems including Strip, Pile & Raft – please contact us now to arrange a free survey…