If you need a loft conversion in your home which will open up the maximum amount of space available from the top storey, then a Mansard conversion is often the best option. Bigger Homes are experts at creating exceptional living spaces and have years of experience in the build of Mansard loft conversions in your area. To learn more about the potential of this type of project in your own home, contact us today to book your FREE, no obligation consultation.

What is a Mansard Conversion?

From all the types of loft conversions available, a Mansard conversion usually produces the greatest results in terms of living space. This type of project changes the structure of an inwardly sloping roof to an almost straight 72% angle. The benefit of this structural change is to significantly open up the amount of space available within your accommodation. In fact, many Mansard loft conversions Essex solutions have the potential to support multi-room configurations such as two bedrooms and a bathroom.

What Style of Windows Fit A Mansard Conversion?

When you convert your loft space, you’ll want to be certain that the top floor still benefits from natural light. Mansard loft conversions make this easy, as windows are typically integrated as small dormers into the new structure. Depending on the design of your Mansard conversion, a Juliet balcony can often be supported too for a truly stylish finish.

What Types of Properties Can Benefit From Mansard Loft Conversions?

Mansard loft conversions have the advantage of being suitable for a variety of housing stock. This means that you can truly create your own dream home so long as you have access to the roof space in the property. Whether you live in a built-up area, or in a quiet rural location, your Mansard conversion will entirely transform your property, adding plenty of value to the resell price too.

Will Planning Permission Be Required?

Unlike the majority of other loft conversion types which often fall within permitted development, your average Mansard conversion usually requires formal planning permission. This is due to the extensive structural changes you’ll be making to the property, which will also need to meet Building Regulations approval. However, it’s fair to say that local planning authorities can vary in terms of their requirements, so it’s always best practice to contact the appropriate body to learn more about their planning policy before commencing any works.

Is A Mansard Loft Conversion Good Value for Money?

Due to the complexities and construction required in this type of project, a Mansard loft conversion is often more expensive than other attic builds. However, the value that this conversion will add to your property’s resell value as well as the benefits of extending your home’s interior make this a truly appealing project for many homeowners. Your Mansard conversion will usually be significantly cheaper than the costs of moving to a new house to gain an extra bedroom for example.

To find out exactly how much a Mansard conversion project would cost in your property, please book your FREE consultation with Bigger Homes today on 01268 553648 or fill out our Loft Conversions calculator form to receive a quick quote.