Are you looking for more space in your home and want to avoid the cost and hassle of moving? Adding a dormer loft conversion is one of the most affordable ways to gain extra room whilst adding value to your property. If this sounds good so far, please get in touch with our specialist dormer loft conversions Essex professionals to explore your options further.

What Are Dormer Loft Conversions?

To ensure you have enough headroom when you come to convert your attic, a dormer-box is constructed and added to your roof. The walls of this structure sit at a 90 degree angle to the floor and effectively provide you with added height and more floor room so that you can make the most of your extra living space. Dormer loft conversions are by far one of the most typical and popular types of attic projects which are taken on by Bigger Homes. Our customers love them due to the versatility of the design. The dormer works well with varying roof pitches and styles of property. Additionally, it may be added to any aspect of the house, whether front, rear or side.

The Different Types Available

Bigger Homes have built up years of experience in the creation of spectacular dormer loft conversions throughout the area. We are able to offer the following types of installations, although this will depend on the style of your home and the space available within:

  • Flat-roof dormer
  • Pitched roof dormer
  • Double pitched roof
  • Mono-pitch roof
  • L-shaped dormer
  • Low ridge dormer
  • Mansard dormer

Planning Permission

Loft conversions frequently fall within permitted development, so you won’t need to obtain full planning permission for this type of building work. However, front dormer conversions can be the exception here. If you’re looking to acquire a large flat roof dormer, it is best that these are located either at the back or the side of your home where most will fall within permitted development. Similarly, small-pitched roof dormers would usually be situated at the front for planning approval. However, they may also be placed at the side or rear to suit the style and character of the home as well as satisfying planning or permitted development requirements.

Why Choose Bigger Homes As Your Loft Conversion Provider?

Dormer loft conversions are a relatively straightforward way to maximise the potential in your home without paying a fortune. But only if you work with Bigger Homes, the industry specialists!

Bigger Homes are market leading experts when it comes to loft conversion projects. The fact that the majority of our work comes through recommendations and repeat customers speaks volumes about the quality and professionalism of our team.

If you’re ready to explore the possibility of extending into your attic with a stunning dormer loft conversion Essex installation, then please contact Bigger Homes on 01268 553648 to discuss your project in more detail. Or if you’re looking for a quick quote, simply check out our Loft Conversions calculator to get started.


Will I need planning permission for a dormer loft conversion?
In most cases, a dormer loft conversion will fall within your permitted development rights, so you won’t typically need to obtain formal planning permission. However, if you’re seeking approval for a dormer loft conversion for the front of your property, then this is more likely to require planning permission. For an accurate idea of what is needed, please contact Bigger Homes for our advice. We can liaise with your local planning department as required to ensure your project runs smoothly.

How much do dormer loft conversions cost?

The cost of your dormer loft conversion will depend on multiple factors including the style and age of your property, the position of the dormer and the amount of space that needs to be converted. Your finish preferences will also determine the cost of your loft conversion, with the price of a bathroom installation in your dormer conversion costing more than a simple bedroom for example. To gain an accurate quote for the cost of your dormer project, please use our cost calculator and receive an estimate in under 2 minutes.

How long does a dormer loft conversion take?
If you’re interested in a dormer loft conversion, the first step is to contact Bigger Homes to arrange a feasibility site visit with our team. We’ll allocate your project to one of our architects and arrange a site survey which normally takes 2-3 weeks to draw up the plans and submit to the council. It often takes a further 8 weeks for your local council to approve or respond to the plans, although you can contact your planning department for a more accurate estimate. Once approval has been granted, Bigger Homes aims to start your project within 2-4 weeks. The duration of the project will depend on the size and type of the project, but usually you might expect it to take 6 to 8 weeks.