Truss Loft Conversions

This type of loft construction is often thought to be too problematic for straightforward conversion but you may be surprised what Bigger Homes are able to achieve


Truss Loft Conversions. Post 1960s, the most popular form of construction used factory-made roof trusses. These utilise thinner, cheaper timbers – but due to the addition of braced diagonal timber offer good structural integrity.

There are many advantages when building a new house using a Truss roof. With their use of low-cost materials and quick install time they are perfect for being manufactured in bulk.

They allow a house roof to be erected and felted in a day. However, this type of truss suggests that there are no loadbearing structures beneath, and so opening up the space requires a greater added structural input.

Another big disadvantage of a Truss roof is it can seem like there is simply no room to do anything in the loft as it seems full of wooden frames.

If you are looking for information on converting a traditional loft visit our standard Loft Conversion page.

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Although the frame of a Truss roof occupies the majority of the internal space it’s not impossible to convert into a fantastic living space.

This will normally involve the insertion of steel beams between loadbearing walls for the new floor joists to hang on and the rafter section to be supported on — together with a steel beam at the ridge, the whole framework is replaced using either A-shaped trusses or horizontal beams. This then enables us to create a larger space that is liveable.

Some building companies may not want to take on a project that involves a Trussed roof, at Bigger Homes we are experts in Truss Loft Conversions in Essex with a comprehensive client list full of projects of this nature.

Bigger Homes are able to utilise modern steel beam technology to remove many or, if necessary, all structural trusses.

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