What Benefits Do House Extensions Provide?

There’s nothing like months of lockdown to help homeowners evaluate their living arrangements, which is why internet searches for ‘house extensions’ hit an all-time high in 2020 according to Google Trends data. If you’re on the fence about whether you’re interested in a house extensions Essex project, here are some of the top benefits.

Added space

Let’s start with the most obvious reason that homeowners explore a house extension – the promise of more space. Depending on the size of the plot you own, and the legalities around extending, there are many possibilities for your extended interior. If you’re going for a single-storey extension, then common uses of the extra living space include a large kitchen diner, more spacious living room, or the addition of a home office, playroom or even a downstairs bedroom. Going up a level, if you’re able to build a two-storey extension, then extra bedrooms with en-suite facilities upstairs will skyrocket the resell value of your home. Your extension also allows you to play around with the existing layout of your property, perhaps switching to an open-plan or broken configuration if that suits you.

You don’t always need planning permission

It’s common for homeowners to hear the words ‘house extension’ and assume that planning permission is required. But many extension projects can fall within the scope of permitted development which is a far easier route to take. Always feel free to check in with us so we can help you find out of any specific regulations attached to your property as well as the area you live in.

Avoid moving house

If you love your existing home and don’t particularly want to move away from your friends and family, neighbours and great schools, then extending your home is an excellent alternative to relocating. But more importantly it’s often cheaper too. Instead of forking out for costs such as stamp duty, and fees associated with removal firms, surveyors, conveyancing and estate agents, you can plunge all of that unspent cash straight back into the value of your existing property by opting for a home extension. The stress of putting your home on the market, finding a new place and then wondering if it will all go through smoothly is also removed if you choose to extend rather than move.

Tailoring your property to the needs of your household

If you have lived in the same property for a while, and plan to stay for many years to come, then your needs are likely to change over the duration. Perhaps your young children are now teenagers and long for their own space to play video games and entertain friends in? Maybe you have a returning college student who needs their own personal space or an elderly relative who is moving in with you? You may also need to make accessibility modifications such as creating wider doorways or changing your bathroom layout to accommodate everyone in the household. A home extension will allow you to create the space you need with all of the accessibility features you require.

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